Bridal Elegance is located in Phoenix Village Square in the 4600 block of Towson Avenue (Hwy 71B) in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We are easily accessible from all directions. Our store is visible from the stoplight at Phoenix Avenue and Towson Avenue / Hwy 71B.

From the north, take bypass 540 south to Exit 10, Phoenix Avenue west. Exit right and turn right onto Phoenix west. Stay on Phoenix Avenue for 2 miles through several stoplights until you reach the stoplight at Towson Avenue / Hwy 71B. To your right, from the stoplight you can see a large sign: "Phoenix Village On The Square".

If you are coming from the west, Oklahoma Hwy 64, cross the Arkansas River bridge down Garrison Avenue. Turn right on Hwy 71B south (Towson Avenue). We are in the 4600 block. Turn right into "Phoenix Village On The Square" (not the first Phoenix Village sign.) Bridal Elegance is on your right.

If you are traveling from the southwest, through Pocola, OK, exit right on Exit 14. Turn left on Hwy 271. Follow Hwy 271 to the stoplight at the intersection with Hwy 71B. (Smith Chevrolet will be in front of you.) Turn left and follow Hwy 71 to the stoplight at Phoenix Avenue. "Phoenix Village on The Square" is on the left in front of you. You can see Bridal Elegance from the stoplight.

Traveling from the east Arkansas Hwy 22, turn left in Barling at the stoplight onto Hwy 255. This becomes Zero Street. Follow Zero Street past the Walmart Supercenter, through the stoplight at Smith Chevrolet and where it joins Hwy 71B. This takes you to the stoplight at Phoenix Avenue. "Phoenix Village Square" is on your left in front of you.